Remember those group projects in school? There was always that one kid that ended up doing all the work. We are a company full of those kids! What does that mean for you? It means you’ll never feel alone. We have a company culture that is supportive, kind, helpful, smart, and NICE! With our open-door policy and flat organization structure, we have designed the company to encourage communication, support professional development to ensure you always feel challenged and constantly learn new things, and eventually grant you company ownership to share the success of the business!


are passionate about lunch


speak more than one language


think Peeps are an abomination


drink their coffee black


are not afraid of spiders



For our clients:

To be a trusted research partner who cares about the success of your product as much as you do, and to consistently provide the insight needed to create safer and more efficient, effective, and engaging experiences for your customers.

For our employees:

To nurture a fun, collaborative work environment that imparts cultural values of empowerment, creativity, and accountability; to reward your dedication with opportunities for professional development and to share in the success of the business.

For our world:

To give back to the community by actively participating in the advancement of our field and to support noble causes, all with an eye towards improving the way in which humans interact with products and services around the world.



Friendtors support you from day one!

The Bold Insight friendtor program is an additional communication channel for you to better connect to our unique and fun team and company processes, especially during virtual onboarding.

A new employee (that’s you!) is paired with a seasoned team member (who is not your manager) during the first days or weeks of employment to act as a friend and mentor (or friend-tor). The goal is to offer you a familiar name and face (in addition to your manager) to go to for work chit-chat or questions.



Every year, our entire team comes together from around the world for celebration, connection, and a day of giving back to the community. In addition to eating and having fun, we spent time volunteering for a handful of amazing organizations throughout the Chicagoland area.



We asked the Bold Insight team what Bold Insight means to clients, employees, and the world. The team did not disappoint! From this list we agreed on more than 50 words that exemplify what it’s like working with (and for) Bold Insight.